Diary of a non-fiction book: week 2 – day 1

I’ve not been taking additional days off. I’ve been doing normal work stuff. It still needs doing, even when I have a book to write.

Today it was back to the grind with a new research week. This week I’m researching the Quaker movement.

This morning, after completing the new month admin, I opened up the next research section in my Scrivener binder and did another search for up to five websites.

Again, I chose just one wiki link. The others were from history.com, the BBC, the Quaker movement, and one on the founder of Quakerism in the UK. And I bought just one book for the Kindle, a potted history from the Oxford University Press.

Some time was spent reading a few of these websites, to see how useful they may, or may not, be to me. And then I was back to reading a novel set in 1974, which is research for my own novel set in 1974, which is completed to first draft but I want to do some research before starting the second draft.

This afternoon, then, is back to editing for a client. I have a new book in and I need to keep these moving so that the income keeps on coming in to pay for petrol and research materials for the non-fiction book.

Tomorrow I have a day in Birmingham, in the company archives. So I’ll be away from my desk for the whole day.

I’ll see you on Thursday!

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  1. carol warham says:

    It sounds like its going well.


    1. Diane says:

      I love the planning and the research … it’s the actual writing bit I usually get stuck on! 😉


  2. gmhaliday says:

    Research. I love it! Renewed my BNA subscription yesterday (it ran out in May) & had a joyous few hours discovering some family members who can fit the criteria for inclusion in my next NF book! I believe the firm in Birmingham have a very good factory shop so make sure you leave time to visit 🙂


    1. Diane says:

      The “factory shop” is currently inundated with schoolchildren on their summer holidays, apparently. So we’ve been advised to visit after the schools go back. Also, many of the factory workers are on holiday at the moment and there’s not a lot being manufactured just now – more inside information. 🙂

      Enjoy the renewed subscription! I’d be on it for HOURS.


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