In a quandary

It was all going so well …

With us “breaking up” for the Easter period and me submitting the history book late Thursday night, I was all set to crack on with the new cosy mystery. And I even registered with Camp NaNoWriMo

… and then we built a new office on Wednesday.

It’s great. We both have loads more room, everything is in its place so we know where to find it, and we’re able to work together at the same time again instead of being at opposite ends of the house.

However … during the “big move” – and it was a lot bigger than we thought it would be with us only moving into this house two years ago anyway – I was also able to organise all of the notebooks I’ve started.

You know, the ones that have half a book in them (or half an outline), and then they’ve been put somewhere safe (aka abandoned).

And while I was putting them into order, I wondered if perhaps starting a new project is a good idea when I have these unfinished projects – one of them being the second Marcie Craig story …

I had another quandary earlier in the week and I posted a question on Facebook.

I have two very nice brand new notebooks (well, quite a few as it turned out … but at that time, I had just two), and I didn’t know whether to start the new story (series) bible in the touchy feely book that’s nice to touch and feel, or the spiral bound book that lies flat or folds back on itself.

In the end I decided to use the touchy feely one for the story (series) bible and the spiral bound one for the first draft, mostly because if it grows too big for one book, I have another just like it to carry on in.

And then I found all of the abandoned projects.

There *are* already two books started for the new cosy mystery, but there are about six books already on the go for the Marcie Craig book, including the bible I used for Night Crawler.

And so, my new quandary is this: do I finish the second Marcie Craig book, or do I carry on with the cosy? And, if I switch, should I change my Camp NaNo project too?

Ooh, decisions, decisions. I think I have the answer, but what would you do?

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  1. carol warham says:

    I think you’ve made the decision now! Loving the new office.


    1. Thank you! We love it too and Ian gets very jealous when he has to go out to work instead of working here.


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