A good writing day

Despite the recent difficulties I’ve been having regarding finding a new paperback publisher, yesterday turned out to be a good writing day.

My working days are clearly split into two now, with “my work” for 3 hours in the morning and “client work” for 3 hours in the afternoon. The rest of the (working) day is spent on reading, housework, pets and meals.

“My work” includes admin, writing, editing or proofreading my own material, planning work, pitching work, and publishing and marketing my own material. “Client work” includes editing and proofreading for clients, and job searching and pitching.

Yesterday morning I had an email discussion regarding the Cadbury book finish, I wrote a daily blog post, I cut more than 14,000 words from Diary of a Pussycat, and I completed the material for that other new book I’d totally forgotten about, Diary of a Cool Cat. (Can anyone see a theme here?) I also did some general office admin.

Yesterday afternoon I concentrated on just the one editing project for lovely-already-client.

Then yesterday evening, while the poet started to edit the ‘G’ is for … video for the alphabet adventurers, I finally wrote out the longhand version of ‘G’ is for … The poet uses my longhand version to help with his voice-overs.

This means that I’ll probably start to draft the blog post for ‘G’ is for … today, so that it’s ready to drop in his images and the video link. I also need to go through Diary of a Pussycat to add the exercises and do any proofreading as I go along. If I have time, I’ll start the formatting for Diary of a Cool Cat.

I’ve already confirmed some source material for the Cadbury book this morning – I made a typo and I missed it in my proofreading. My “handler” spotted it, though, so it’s sorted now.

The plan for this afternoon, then, is to continue with the client edit.

In between, I’m also still researching potential publishers for my self-published paperbacks. The problem is, the only ones left seem to charge an upfront fee. If that’s my only alternative, though, I’ll have to consider it at some stage. But I’ll also see how I get along with Blurb, Canva and KDP.

For now.

That’s quite a busy day. What are you up to today?

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  1. carol warham says:

    Glad to hear of a good day after all the recent complications. x


    1. Thank you. 🙂 Still working on it, mind … x


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