NaNoWriMo 2018 – day 14

I’ve not had much time again today, as I’ve been pitching for some new and different jobs as well as continuing with the existing work I have in.

I only managed to add around 700 words to my running total. But I have a few more very short scenes and Act II Part II is possibly complete, with some scenes that may need editing out.

I seem to have won the new work – possibly 4 jobs for next week that I have to go out and do in person, so that will be interesting. Plus, it gets me out of the house.

A new proofreading job landed on my doormat from lovely-already-client as well. All this will go towards my December wage. This month needs to be what we used to call pudding month. (Okay, it used to be pudding week, but you get the idea.)

Hopefully tomorrow will be more eventful.

word meter from Writertopia

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