Diary of a pocket novel – 1 step forward, 2 steps back

The murder board is really helping with the structure of the pocket novel.

But I’ve been working recently on screen for my editing jobs and when I sat down to write the pocket novel by hand, I kept on hitting a brick wall. I need to get into my writing rhythm again for this one.

Scrivener has a lot to answer for. I had two goes in my notebook, and scrubbed both of them out. But then I sat in front of Scrivener and I rattled off almost a thousand words just like that.

It’s so easy to move stuff around on Scrivener, and I’m getting used to composing  directly onto the keyboard, which will be useless when I want to write on the banks of the canal while the poet fishes or in bright sunlight.

I need to exercise my handwriting muscle. So I’ve printed off what I did in Scrivener, and I’m going to copy it out. Hopefully that will get me back into the groove.

If that doesn’t work, then I’ll be hauling out the notebook/switch and carrying that around with me. And wishing for dull weather.

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