Book review: A Crafter Knits a Clue

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A Crafter Knits a Clue,  Holly Quinn
Thanks to NetGalley and to Crooked Lane Books for an advance copy of this book. A Crafter Knits a Clue by Holly Quinn is a cosy mystery.

I really wanted to enjoy this book, as a crafter and as someone who likes a good mystery. However, by the end of the very first page I was already annoyed.

It was far too wordy – over-written and unedited – and I resented the main character telling me so much about herself in such a short space of time that it smacked of narcissism, and was clumsy at best. (Round, hazel eyes; auburn bangs.)

However, thinking it might get better, I struggled on … But it didn’t.

By the end of Page 2, there was too much exposition, too much back-story told in one info-dump rather than revealing things as the story progressed. There is too much telling and not enough showing. And this continued throughout the book.

The main character comes across as still being at High School. She is quite childish and petty and, as someone else has said, doesn’t describe unlikeable or red-herring characters very well. There is a knack to getting the quick and witty insult right, but they just came across as nit-picky and, again, childish.

Aside from this, the writing is very much High-School-writing too. I felt as though it hadn’t been professionally edited or proof-read, that it was a first draft dashed off and then the send button was hit to publish it. I didn’t feel as though it had gone through any polishing rounds.

I did make it to the end, but it became even more of a disappointment when a so-called accident was hinted at at not being an accident … and then it was never mentioned again.

Hidden behind all of this, the story was quite acceptable, although the crafting link was, in my opinion, tenuous. But the characters were not likeable, the relationships were not believable, and the writing just didn’t come up to scratch.

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