July throwaways

At the start of the week I did my usual think/query/write submit and I chose three topics to write articles on and three topics to write short stories around. Here are some throwaway ideas that I won't be using this time (remember to double-check them first): Nov 2017 7 November 2017 is Diwali 21 November... Continue Reading →

Ideas masterclass: January 2017

Okay, you asked for it, so here it is - the ideas masterclass for January. There are lots of places to find ideas and, this month, as with previous months, I'm going to concentrate on date-specific ideas and topical subjects. Do check my dates, though. I could have transposed some figures, and my source data... Continue Reading →

New beginnings (*** list alert ***)

The news that yet another short story magazine has closed its doors to all but a privileged few has knocked me sideways somewhat this past week. It's not a market I've had a lot of success with, but it's a good market to target anyway and at least the result is a completed short story... Continue Reading →


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