Coming soon!

Image by Rana Hadi Hassan from Pixabay As we slowly creep towards 1,000 followers of this blog, I’m thinking about a competition to celebrate the landmark once reached. What do you think? Would you join in? (Answers below!) Some of you have been with me since the very beginning. Some of you have stumbled across…

New badge on NetGalley

This just a quick newsy update to have a bit of a brag. The picture is very tiny, so it’s blown up a bit blurry, but I was awarded a new badge by NetGalley. Apparently I’ve written more than 50 reviews for them! I love these progress badges!

News, News, News

I have three items of news to share with readers. The first is that there’s a new post up on the Alphabet Adventurers. Please follow the link to see K is for … the Kilburn White Horse. The second piece of news is that the Richard Cadbury book is finally done. It was submitted before…

New project ahead

We’ve been a bit busy in Baggins Bottom since the year began, and we’ve decided to start a new adventure on a new Facebook page with a new Twitter account and a new page. This new page will eventually turn into a website with blogs (weblogs), vlogs (video logs), photographs, pictures, suggestions for great days…

News: new platform for digital editions

I have a new platform for my digital editions. At the moment, only Diary of a Scaredy Cat has been migrated over. But eventually, all of my ebooks in various formats will be available from Pronoun, apart from those traditionally published. Hardbacks will still originate on Lulu and paperbacks will still be over on CreateSpace….