The end is nigh

... well, I say the end is nigh when really what I mean is the end of the writing part is nigh. For the past two weeks I've been in the writing cave, trying to finish the history book. Last week I managed to pop up for air and come in to say hello with the... Continue Reading →

Struggling to get motivated (list alert)

I'll be honest. I've been struggling to get motivated to do my own writing. All was very well to the end of November, when I completed NaNoWriMo 2017. But December disappeared down a dark hole of running around, shopping, Christmas, hospital visiting, family stuff, phone calls, and my output dropped to zero. January and February... Continue Reading →

… and breathe …

Last night I finished a job that has been hanging around since before Christmas. It was billed as a "heavy proofreading" job, but it turned out to need a LOT more work than just a proofread and it was taking up a lot of time and energy. BUT ... it's finally gone now. I was... Continue Reading →

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