A time-management experiment

On Sunday I pre-scheduled Monday's blog post (round-up) and I worked on my diary for the coming week. I stuck to my original plan of having an hour for morning chores, an admin hour, three hours of writing, three hours of client work and an hour for dinner (lunch). On Tuesday and Thursday of this... Continue Reading →


Yesterday I looked at all of the jobs I currently have to do or would like to do. Today I’m going to consider some of the things that get in the way or time-suckers. The poet thinks I spend too much time doing things that don't add value to my work. This includes (his list... Continue Reading →

Working with a timer

When I'm really, really busy and start to feel overwhelmed with the amount of work I have yet to do, I resort to the Pomodoro Tomato technique. In fact, I swear by it. I've covered this before, but for those who don't know what the Pomodoro technique is, it's a kitchen timer technique that you... Continue Reading →


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