To defect or not?

I have been a Windows gal for as long as we’ve been using Windows. I remember when the first Microsoft products started to come out. I started off on WordStar for word processing and Lotus for spreadsheets, and I graduated to WordPerfect, which did everything I needed it to. I remember when the monopoly began….

Hard copy versus electronic copy proofreading

I don’t normally edit or proofread on screen. I find I miss things and, anyway, reading hard copy exercises different eye muscles (apparently). So I usually print my editing and proofreading jobs off so that I can carefully work on the hard copy and then transfer the edits to the electronic version. I can also…

NaNoWriMo 2018 – day 5

We were going to visit my mom on Saturday and then stop off at Sherwood Forest, or similar, on the way back as it was going to be such a nice day. However, there was a stomach bug at the home, and visitors were asked to stay away. So we stayed in and baked instead….

Diary of a non-fiction book: week 1 – day 2

Tuesday was a much better, more productive day. I finished my chores thirty minutes earlier than usual, so was able to do some catch-up work from Monday. The first thing I did was come up with four dates in the near future when I can go and visit the company archives. Hopefully, I’m going mid-week,…

Diary of a non-fiction book: week 1 – day 1

The day didn’t get off to a great start. I’ve been fighting a cold and a “bit of a throat” for a couple of weeks and at the end of the week before last, I thought it had gone. However, come Wednesday evening, I started to get another “bit of a throat”, and this time…